Welcome to the Parenting Ministry!

If you need help, we are here for you!  Whether you are expecting for the first time, a mom with teenagers, a grandparent raising grandkids, or a single dad who's scared of diapers, we have classes that deal with any parenting challenge you may face.  And with our Earn While You Learn program you can earn dollars to spend in our baby store.  Please read our list of services below and give us a call or drop by if we can help you in any way.

Pre-natal Through 18 Years Old

Trouble nursing?  Terrible 2's?  Bullying? Teenage rebellion?  You name it, we have materials that can help you work through it.  From pre-natal through 18 years of age, our curriculum includes materials and videos taught by licensed child development professionals.  You will also be paired with a mentor who has been in your shoes and is available to help you navigate through any challenge child rearing may bring.

Unexpected Pregnancy

You are not alone. We are here to help with a listening ear and a caring heart. We offer confidential pregnancy tests, pregnancy/parenting classes, and mentoring.  If you struggle with feelings of fear, guilt, or remorse, please come talk with us.


Having a baby is an exciting time!  We can help you survive the pregnancy and be prepared when your little one arrives.  Trained staff and volunteer mentors can help equip you with skills for pregnancy, labor/delivery, and nurturing your new baby!  You can also earn dollars to spend in our baby store!


First time dad and scared of diapers?  Long time dad wanting to be the best father you can be?  We have classes for you!  You will be paired with a male mentor who can encourage you along the way.  You can do this!  We are here to help you become the man and father you know you can be!

Non-traditional Families

Whether you are a grandparent raising grandkids or a step parent learning to blend a family, our classes can help you navigate through challenges of raising children of all ages and unique circumstances. 

DHS and Court Ordered Cases

We offer a 16 week program for those who are court ordered to attend parenting classes or for those who are working with DHS towards reunification.  Participants will be issued a certificate of completion upon finishing the 16 week program; however, we would love for you to continue coming to classes even after you have completed the course!